NORTH KOREA: Is KIM YO-JONG taking CONTROL? – VisualPolitik EN

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Once again, in what seems an endless story, the Korean Peninsula is on fire.

It seemed that peace negotiations between North Korea, South Korea, and the United States were on the right track, yet far from coming to fruition, things may have become complicated yet again. North Korea has signaled the rupture by spectacularly blowing up the Inter-Korean Liaison Office.

Most surprising of all, however, this explosion was not ordered by Kim Jong Un but by his sister, Kim Yo Jong, who we talked about in a recent video about North Korea’s potential political heirs.

But why has North Korea broken negotiations again? What does it mean that the order was given by Kim Yo-Jong and not by the “great leader” Kim Jong-Un? Will we be witnessing the emergence of new leadership in the murkiness of North Korea? What does this rupture mean for the international community? How far does Pyongyang want to go with this? In this video, we answer all these questions and update you on what is happening in North Korea.

*Fernando Gutiérrez and Alvaro Mijares participated in the preparation of this video.

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