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George Floyd’s murder has revealed one of The United States’ great problems: the police. Despite being the world’s biggest power, the United States has one of the highest crime rates in the western world coupled with a tremendous problem of police brutality. More than 1,000 people die every year at the hands of the police. This figure is only surpassed by much less developed nations such as the Philippines, Venezuela, or Brazil.

Much of this problem is due to the lack of training, the militarization of police forces, and the corruption of police unions. Is it possible to solve this problem? The truth is, yes. There are several examples that could serve as a model for the United States: almost all of them are in Europe. One of these examples is Spain. Although the Spaniards were under the thumb of a military dictatorship until 1975, the country has been able to reform its police to become an example of efficiency and respect for human rights. Of course, it is not a perfect model, and there are several complaints from Amnesty International and the European Court of Human Rights that point to some problems. But, compared to the rest of the world, Spain has a model police force.

So where does the problem with the U.S. police come from? Is it possible to fix it? How do the police work in Spain? In this video, we answer all these questions.

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