The Myth Of Systemic Racism | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 523

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, we are told America is a systemically racist country. But the facts don’t support that claim. And today I want to talk about the one fact that most contradicts the systemic racism theory. Also Five Headlines including the Left’s freak out because the federal government is finally starting to come down on the Antifa terrorists. And in our Daily Cancellation, we’ll discuss the story of a great and loving father who beat the hell out of his daughter’s molester, and is now under arrest.

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00:00 – Opening
02:53 – The Myth Of Systemic Racism
20:08 – Fox To Keep Nick Cannon As ‘Masked Singer’ Host Despite Racist Anti-White Comments, Refusal To Apologize
23:42 – Ayanna Pressley invents history
26:07 – “Secret Police” seen arresting “protesters”
29:08 – Cop talks about racism from Antifa protesters
30:56 – Criminal who said he will reoffend released from prison
34:37 – Authorities in Georgia are cancelled

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