A NETFLIX for SOCCER: the end of CABLE TV as we know it? – VisualPolitik EN

Football is the biggest show in the world. No event paralyzes the planet like the World Cup final. The United States has the Super Bowl, India and Pakistan go crazy for a cricket match but, in the end, it’s football that unites a Nigerian with an Argentinian and a Brazilian with a German.

And why are we talking about football on VISUALPOLITIK? Because, as you can imagine, football is also political… and influences the economy. After all, television stations spend a fortune on the broadcast rights for football matches.

There are many interests at stake and governments are frequently among them For example in Spain, where in 1997 the Government passed a law that required teams to broadcast the best match of each week on free-to-air on television.

But all this has changed in recent years an the question is, could pay-tv platforms disappear? How can they fight emerging services like the proposed Premflix? What political implications could this whole thing have? Today we are going to answer these questions.

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