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Shenzhen, also known as the Chinese Silicon Valley, is one of the cities that has grown the most in the last three decades. Thanks to this, Shenzhen has gone from being a small fishing village to becoming a megapolis.

In this success story, the fact that Deng Xiaoping promoted China’s first Special Economic Zone in this city, located very close to Hong Kong, was an important factor.

The Special Economic Zones are places where different regulations apply, to those that rule the rest of the country. In China’s case, they played a key role in their development process.

A few years ago, Honduras, one of the poorest and most violent countries in Latin America, began promoting a project that would create autonomous cities and spaces throughout the country. Places with their own rules, their own police, their own courts and their own taxes.

However, is a country like Honduras really capable of promoting such a change? Can Honduras emulate Shenzhen’s success? We’ll tell you all about it in this video.

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