LGBTQ Group Endorses Coporate Dem Over Gay Populist Left Candidate

As Sen. Tom Carper took aim at the president at a Democratic primary debate Monday night,…

Leftist Tears: Hot Or Cold

How do you take your Leftists Tears?

Shapiro Fights With His Wife (Who Is A Doctor)

Did you know Shapiro’s wife is a doctor? Ben Shapiro shares a hilarious story about his…

Hollywood Erases U.S. Flag Raising On Moon

Ben Shapiro slams Hollywood for trying to erase America from its own history.

Morbid Obesity Is Body Positively Bad

Matt Walsh slams the ‘body positivity’ movement.

Fox News: Ban Kids Playing Video Games

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President Trump Participates in a Signing Event on Strengthening Retirement Security in America

Charlotte, NC

Canadian On The Moon | The Ben Shapiro Show Ep. 615

A new blockbuster revises history, the Weinstein scandal makes headlines again, and both parties endorse populism.…

Alex Jones Caught Peeping Female Skin Flutes

InfoWars founder and notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones showed a phone in his hands while on…

Word for Word: Republican Leaders Pay Tribute to Sen. John McCain in U.S. Capitol Rotunda (C-SPAN)

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) laid in state in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda. With Cindy McCain and…